Enormous Fire near Plovdiv is Under Conrol, Firefighters Worked all Night

Big fire that broke out in a meat mill in a factory in the village of Voyvodinovo in Plovdiv was localized. Early in the morning firefighters continued to extinguish a few remaining small areas from the fire. Today, authorities wll start looking at the causes of the incident.

Yesterday Hundreds of Roma People Demanded the Resignation of Deputy PM with a Protest in Sofia

More than 200 people of Roma origin went on Monday to protest at the Council of Ministers with the request for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krassimir Karakachanov. Their discontent was provoked by the demolition of the Roma neighborhood in the village of Voyvodinovo in Plovdiv and Karakachanov's comment that "the Gypsies have become extremely insolent".

Minister Karakachanov: Gypsies in Bulgaria have Become Extremely Arrogant and the Tolerance of Bulgarian Society is Wearing Thin

Gypsies in Bulgaria have become extremely arrogant and the tolerance of Bulgarian society is wearing thin, Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov said to reporters with regard to the latest case of assault on a serviceman in the village of Voyvodinovo, Focus Radio has reported.