Washington, DC


Mob, riot, desecration

On 9/11 I traveled by train from Bulgaria to Greece, and then drove to Halkidiki. I had next to no idea that al Qaeda terrorists had hijacked jumbo jets full of passengers and flown into the twin towers in New York City and into the Pentagon, and were foiled by brave passengers from doing the same to the White House.

Hollow oaths

A day after US President Donald Trump visited the Texas border wall with Mexico as a distraction from events in Washington, DC, the FBI had rounded up more than 200 rioters, with more being captured every hour. As new information emerges, the gravity of the clear and present danger President Trump poses while he remains in office becomes more evident.

Hungary in 2021: Fidesz Battles on Several Fronts as 2022 Election Looms

With Joe Biden set to replace Donald Trump in the White House in little over a week, Orban's most powerful political soulmate will be removed from the international chess board, taking with him the hope that a populist-rightist alliance could triumph globally over liberal forces.

Union chief tells Kathimerini never thought Capitol breach could occur

Speaking to Kathimerini after the halls of US Congress in Washington were stormed last Wednesday by a mob in the wake of a rally by US President Donald Trump, the US Capitol Police Officers' Union chairman, Gus Papathanasiou, said he "never thought the Capitol would be breached."

Lessons from the Capitol

The mob of Donald Trump supporters that stormed Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Wednesday was no bolt from the blue.

Certain political leaders have succumbed to the sirens of anti-systemic rhetoric and inflammatory demagoguery that eventually mobilized the mob, which interrupted a joint session of Congress during which the Electoral College vote was to be certified.

Pfizer’s Greek CEO laments ‘deeply disturbing’ events in Washington DC

Albert Bourla, the Greek chairman and chief executive of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, has taken to social media to lament the "deeply disturbing" events that took place earlier this week in the American capital, when dozens of pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol.