Urgent reaction of Serbia: Vučić did not recognize the so-called Kosovo VIDEO

During his guest appearance on the morning program of TV Prva, Israeli Ambassador Yahel Vilan was asked why his country recognized the so-called Kosovo, he claimed that Israel did it because it was under pressure from America. Those two sentences immediately provoked reactions from the host who printed out the agreement and showed it live.

Israeli ambassador accuses Serbia: We signed the paper under American pressure VIDEO

"Don't get me wrong, that's an important topic, but it's a different story. Israel's decision to recognize Kosovo's independence was made under American pressure, otherwise let's not forget that it was done within the framework of the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo and America, not us.

Putin to Propose Arms Control Talks to US President Biden

 Russia has proposed arms control and security talks for President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden to meet.

The leadership in Moscow is still waiting for a response from Washington to such a summit, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday at a virtual UN conference on disarmament.

Pyatt stresses deepening of US-Greece strategic relationship, need for Greek-Turkish ‘modus vivendi’

Geoffrey Pyatt is one of the longest serving US ambassadors to Athens - his fifth anniversary is on 19 May - and his tenure has coincided with some of the more difficult moments in recent history from the country's economic precariousness to Greek-Turkish tensions last summer that brought the two countries to the brink of a military clash at sea.

European Parliament, Member States Set Higher Goal for Carbon Emissions Cut – 55 Percent by 2030

The European Parliament and EU member states have agreed a target to cut carbon emissions by "at least" 55 percent by 2030, the EU Commission said in a statement released early Wednesday.

The agreement comes after intense negotiations between parliament, who wanted at least 60 percent reduction, and leaders of the member states, who agreed 55 percent in November.

Ahead of his virtual climate summit, Biden pressured by activists to act swiftly

Climate activists rallied in New York's Union Square on Monday with a message for the Biden administration: Time is running out, but it is not too late.

Along with demands to end fossil fuel reliance, activist leaders unveiled an addition to the digital «climate clock» displayed on a building above the square since September.