City of Women celebrating 25 years and telling #HerStory

The exhibition launch will be held at Alkatraz Gallery in the Metelkova Mesto alternative arts centre, with the display focusing on creative endeavours of female film makers and video artists in Slovenia.

The feminist festival, running until 13 October, will be held under the slogan #HerStory, a pun referring to female, often forgotten or erased, history as well as female stories.

Croatian Bike Workshop Gets Vulnerable on the Move

But free repairs are not the only unusual thing about the project. Since cycling is not only a matter of lifestyle but sometimes also a necessity, especially for people who can't afford a car or to use public transport, Biciklopopravljaona volunteers, in collaboration with other associations, have also been helping refugees, asylum seekers or other poor citizens outside Zagreb get around.

FlixBus, The Biggest Bus Transportation Company in Europe and Operates in Bulgaria, Buys the Largest Carrier in Turkey

Europe's largest bus carrier, Germany's FlixBus, has announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Turkey's Kamil Koç, a leading long-distance carrier in our southern neighbor. Its network is about to be integrated into that of FlixBus. Kamil Koç operates services to 61 cities across Turkey, with over 20 million passengers in 2018.