Executed Teenage Partisan Fighter Commemorated in Croatia

The Serbian National Council, which represents Croatia's Serb minority, and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights NGO organised a trip to the former Stara Gradiska and Jasenovac camps on Sunday on the anniversary of the execution of Nada Dimic, a member of the anti-Ustasa resistance movement in WWII.

German authorities have registered nearly 2000 crimes against refugees and asylum seekers in 2018

The number of attacks is lower than in 2016 and 2017, reported NOVA TV. 

The German authorities have registered nearly 2000 crimes against refugees and asylum seekers last year - from verbal harassment through property damage to personal injuries and murders.

Croats Protests Against Violence to Women and Children

Supporters of the anti-domestic violence campaign "Save me" in Croatia protested on Saturday in three cities - Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik - to "show solidarity with victims of violence and demand that the system adequately protect them", it said.

The movement began only two weeks ago with the start of a Facebook group that already counts more than 45,000 members.

Croatia’s Journalists Warn: We’re Not Giving up Journalism

Croatian reporters and media outlets staged a protest in Zagreb on Saturday in defense of media freedom - which they say is increasingly endangered by numerous lawsuits, political pressures, threats, and advertisers' demands.

They complain of routine disrespect for the laws - but also of a bad legal framework and the absence of a clear media policy.

In Few Years Traveling from Sofia to Belgrade will be Possible in Less than Two Hours by Train

Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has announced that in few years from Sofia to Belgrade we will be able travel in less than two hours by train. During the parliamentary oversight she specified that the construction of the new railway lines between the two capitals will be financed by the European Commission, which has allocated an additional € 190 million to 11 transport projects.