Earthquake in Zagreb

Zagreb and its environs were shaken by a 3.2 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. The quake occurred at 9.52am local time today, according to the Index news site. Seven minutes later, a new, weaker 2.3 magnitude earthquake was registered, BTA reported.

Pandemic Revives Debate over Fallen Croatian Vaccine Giant

But while Croatian media have speculated that the IMZ could play an even greater role in the fight against the pandemic, Jagarinec says it is not so simple.

The Institute, which churned out bacterial and viral vaccines, lost its production license in 2013 and its premises have fallen into disrepair.

Balkan Tourism Sector Braces for Summer Season Write-Off

Dragan Ivancevic's Hotel Adria in the Montenegrin coastal town of Budva stands empty, its doors shut by a government-imposed lockdown to fight the spread of COVID-19.

For years, the money spent by tourists flocking to Montenegro's Adriatic coastline has been a mainstay of the former Yugoslav republic's economy, accounting for 21 per cent of national output last year.

Croats Remain Traumatised by Quake Damage to Capital

While the soil continues to shake occasionally, and earthquakes of lesser intensity are still being felt, many Croats still suffer from high anxiety as a result of events on March 22, when a quake of at least 5.3 magnitude struck close to the capital, damaging buildings and injuring dozens of people and causing one death.