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Athens on high alert after Turkish Imia provocation

The Greek government is monitoring the escalation of Turkish provocations with great concern, following the violation of sea waters at the isles of Imia by the Turkish navy, Sunday. The president of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos warned Turkey to respect history, friendship and neighbourly relations in a statement during his official visit to Portugal.

Greece's Supreme Court says servicemen unlikely to face fair trial in Turkey

Greece's Supreme Court on Thursday rejected an extradition request for eight Turkish servicemen who fled their country by helicopter after a coup attempt.

Presiding judge Giorgos Sakkas, reading out the decision, said the servicemen were unlikely to face a fair trial if returned to Turkey.

Turkish fighter jets commit 6 more violations of Greek air space

Turkey is continuing to escalate its provocations against Greece, as five fighter jets of the Turkish Air force violated Greek air space 6 times and committed air traffic infringements, Friday. The violations and infringements took place over the south and north-east Aegean Sea, with two of the jets carrying armed weapons.

Low temperatures and snowfall all over Greece!

The snowfall and the low temperatures have created problems all over Greece. Many roads have closed and mountain villages have been cut off.


In Thessaloniki the temperature reached -8 caused water pipelines to freeze cutting water supply to many thousands houses.


Heavy vehicles are not allowed to move for safety reasons at least until Monday morning.