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Def. Min Kammenos warns Turkey, Greek military ready to defend national sovereignty

Greek Defence Minister Panos Kmmenos sent a clear message to Turkey concerning its repeated provocations in the Aegean Sea and Greek air space during his visit on the navy frigate ‘Adrias’. Accompanied by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, who exchanged festive greetings with the ship’s officers and crew, Kammenos stressed the Greek armed forces were ready to defend every inch of the country.

Video of Greek gunboat escorting Turkish patrol boat (video)

‘’ has released the video of the engagement between the Greek gunboat ‘Akteoros’ and a Turkish patrol boat in the Aegean Sea. Earlier on Good Friday, a Turkish patrol boat threatened to arrest the crew of Greek fishing boat ‘Agios Dimitrios’ claiming it was in Turkish waters.

Refugees find new route for entry into Europe via Bulgaria

Following tighter controls in the Aegean Sea by the combined efforts of patrol ships from NATO, Greece and Turkey after the activation of the EU-Turkey refugee agreement, refugees are choosing a different route to reach central Europe. The refugees and migrants have chosen an alternative route via Bulgaria to move towards the continent, despite greater dangers.

NATO warns migrant routes to EU could change

The number of migrants and refugees crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey into Europe is falling significantly but people smugglers can rapidly change routes and authorities must not reduce their security efforts prematurely, the head of NATO said on April 21, praising Turkey's efforts to break the business model of traffickers.

These are the Pulitzer Prize winning photos from the Greek photographers (photos)

John Behrakis, Alkis Konstantinidis and Alexander Avramidis, the three Greek Reuters photographers who won the Pulitzer prize in the category for ‘Breaking News’, managed to convey the ordeal and the personal stories of the refugees crossing the Aegean Sea in search of a safer and better life for them and their families.

Turkish jets violate Greek airspace 26 times

Turkey continued its provocations towards Greece, Turkish fighter jets violated Greek airspace over the Aegean Sea 3 times, and infringed in the Athens FIR 26 times, Monday. Six Turkish fighters flew over the central and eastern parts of the Aegean Sea that resulted in 2 dogfights after Greek jets scrambled to confront them.