Agency for Exploration

Level of the Danube River in Bulgaria Area is Increasing, but There is no Risk of Overflowing

Passenger ships of a tourist company in Rousse are forced to remain docked due to the high level of the Danube in the upper section. After the melting of the snow and rainfall across Europe, the level has risen by a metre and a half.

Low Water Levels Hamper Sailing in Bulgarian Section of Danube

The Executive Agency for Maritime Administration's Directorate River Supervision - Ruse informed on Monday that low water levels are hampering sailing in the Bulgarian section of the Danube river.

Four critical sections on the river have been identified - Belene, Batin, the mouth of Yantra river and Popina.

Barge Carrying Fertilisers Sinks in Romanian Port on Danube River

A barge carrying 850 tonnes of fertilisers on board sank in the Romanian port of Moldova Veche on Wednesday, while conducting manoeuvres.

The Romanian port lies approximately 200 kilometres upstream from the beginning of the Bulgarian section of the Danube and 250 kilometres from the town of Vidin.

The Danube Continues to Rise

The level of the Bulgarian stretch of the Danube river continues to rise, reports the Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube. 

According to it, the river levels have already reached six meters in Ruse and is expected to continue to rise, due to the high waters coming from Serbia.