AGERPRES, at 131 years since establishment: Congratulations messages from partner news agencies

AGERPRES Romanian National News Agency celebrates 131 since establishment on 27 March.   Since 1889 until now, AGERPRES has broadcast millions of news items, documentary materials and photographs.   After 131 years since its first news item, AGERPRES has received congratulations messages from partner media organisations and news agencies.

ForMin, Ukrainian counterpart phone conversation; Romanian minority in Ukraine, among topics

Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu on Thursday had a telephone conversation with Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, with whom he talked about the situation of the Romanian minority in the neighbour country, as well as Romania's endorsement for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

'Superhombre' documentary, AGERPRES 'Nature in Pictures' photo exhibition featured in opening of Alpin Film Festival

The fifth edition of the Alpin Film Festival opened on Tuesday evening to a packed audience in the great hall of the Transylvania University of Brasov; the opening gala featured the documentary film 'Superhombre' (directors Mircea Gherase and Lucian Mirian), which provides an insight into the life of Timisoara-born climber Horia Colibasanu, and was preceded by the opening of the exhibition of t

Jazz in Church Festival to take place over April 23 - 26 at Lutheran Church in Bucharest

The 8th edition of the Jazz in Church Festival will take place over April 23-26 at the Lutheran Church in Bucharest, informs a press release of the Association sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday. Participating in the festival will be 20 artists from all over the world, who will perform jazz, medieval music, contemporary pieces and improvisations.

AGERPRES director denies law violations related to agency submitting to Police pics of August 10 street protest

AGERPRES Managing Director Claudia Nicolae said on Wednesday at hearings before the Committee on Culture of the Chamber of Deputies that the law was not violated by the submission to the Police of pictures taken by the agency of a street protest on August 10, 2018, as there was no secret information conveyed, adding that it was not her to make the decision.

AGERPRES head: Don't think we're yet in situation to lay off people,organisational chart can be rethought

The AGERPRES National News Agency is not yet in the situation of laying employees off, support is being sought for fully covering the wages until the end of the year, but the organisational chart of the institution can be rethought, AGERPRES Managing Director Claudia Nicolae stated on Wednesday in the hearings of the Culture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

#130AGERPRES Octavian Bellu: AGERPRES found every time the solution to continue, managed to re-invent itself

AGERPRES, the first Romanian press institution found every time the solution to continue and managed to re-invent itself, "the world's most successful coach", Octavian Bellu says in a message conveyed to the AGERPRES National News Agency for the celebration of 130 years since establishment. "AGERPRES celebrates 130 years, it is a moment of review, a festive moment.

#AGERPRES130/Vasile Banescu: Presence of National News Agency in Romanian media space is beneficial for public dialogue

The presence of the AGERPRES in the Romanian media is beneficial for the public, social and inter-institutional dialogue, Spokesperson of the Romanian Patriarchate Vasile Banescu says in a message sent to the AGERPRES National News Agency on the occasion of its 130th establishment anniversary.