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Chinese plane with medical supplies arrives in Athens

An Air China flight carrying 18 tons of medical supplies landed in Athens Saturday morning.

The 8 tons of medical supplies provided by the Chinese government include 550,000 face and surgical masks, as well as madical goggles, gloves and shoe covers.

Chinese businesses and organizations contributed another 10 tons in medical supplies.

Air China cancels flights to Greece through to March 18

Air China will cancel flights to Athens, Greece, from Feb. 17 to March 18 as a precaution to stem the coronavirus outbreak, an Air China company official in Greece said on Wednesday.

"The reason is public safety because of the coronavirus and there are operational reasons as well," an officer at the airline's Athens office said.

Air China Suspends Flights to DPRK

Air China has suspended flights to the DPRK due to "unideal operation," China's The Paper reported citing the airline's official.

Air China cancelled flights to the DPRK in April, but was soon resumed in May 5, with two flights scheduled a week. According to Air China, that time's suspension was caused by low customer demand, and so is this time.

Number of Chinese tourists to Europe expected to “explode”

Over the past 6 to 7 years the number of Chinese tourists to Greece has increased an impressive 10 times, reaching 150,000 from only 15-20,000, with the prospects looking even brighter over the next decade. The number of direct flights from Beijing to the international airport of Athens has substantially increased since Air China introduced direct flights at the end of September.