Turkish A400M carries military equipment in debut international flight

Atlas, a giant A400M carrier plane that the Turkish military acquired from manufacturers Airbus in May, has completed its first international flight, the army said in a written statement July 7.

Atlas carried the Solotürk team, a group of aerobatic display F-16 fighter jets, to London on July 2 and touched down in Luxembourg on its return, the statement read.

Solar plane makes debut with eye on global trip

A sun-powered plane made a successful test flight on Monday, clearing a vital hurdle towards its goal of a round-the-world trip next year, its pilot and mission chiefs said.
Solar Impulse 2 carried out a flight lasting two hours and 15 minutes, half an hour longer than scheduled, German test pilot Markus Scherdel said.

Satellite images of flood-hit areas available on Internet

BELGRADE - The Geodetic Authority of the Republic of Serbia has announced that it has obtained satellite and radar images of flood-hit areas in western Serbia.

The images can be used for analysing the consequences of the floods, for crisis management and designing systems for protection against future environmental disasters, the Authority said in a statement.

Vlade Divac plane part of Air Serbia fleet from Friday

BELGRADE - The airline Air Serbia decided on Friday to include an aircraft bearing the name of famous Serbian athlete Vlade Divac in its fleet.

An Airbus A320 will bear the former basketball player's name as part of the programme entitled Living Legands, which is Air Serbia's way of recognizing famous Serbs whose achievement could serve as inspiration to others.