The US Introduces New Duties on European Goods

As of today, the United States is introducing duties on a number of European Union goods - from 10% to 25%, affecting goods and services totaling $ 7.5 billion.

Washington has received the green light for action after the World Trade Organization approved penalties against European countries that violated trade rules in subsidizing airline giant Airbus.

Swiss Airline Grounded 29 Airbus Aircraft due to Technical Problems

Swiss International Air Lines stopped the flights of 29 Airbus A220 aircraft due to engine problems. This was reported by NOVA.

The reason for the decision was the incident on Tuesday of a flight by the company from London to Geneva, which was redirected to Paris due to technical problems.

Hackers Hit Airbus

The European aerospace giant Airbus has fallen victim to a series of hacker attacks that have hit suppliers of the company, including engine manufacturer Rolls Royce.

The hackers have been looking for the company's technical secrets, according to a source from the security services at the agency.

A Plane Made an Emergency Landing in a Corn Field near Moscow, 23 People Were Injured

A passenger plane made an emergency landing in a corn field outside one of Moscow's airports Thursday after colliding with a flock of birds, Russian officials said. At least 23 people on board of the plane were injured in the crash, BNR reported, citing the Associated Press.