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Ancient Greek tragedy ‘Medea’ on stage

Under the direction of the world-famous Albanian artist Adonis Filipi, the İzmir State Theater's actors are rehearsing to present the play "Medea," which was first staged in 432 B.C., to the audience.

Written by Euripides, the ancient Greek tragedy "Medea" will meet the audience again in modern halls, ancient theaters and international festivals in İzmir.

3,250-year-old seal belonging to Hittite prince revealed

A 3,250-year-old seal belonging to a Hittite prince and an ancient cuneiform tablet dating back 3,400 years were discovered in Turkey's southern Hatay province.

The excavations in Accana Hoyuk of the Reyhanli district in Hatay on behalf of the Culture and Tourism Ministry with the support of the Turkish Historical Society, have been underway for six months.

Turkish traffic cop, stray dog become best friends

Over the last year, a Turkish traffic cop and a loyal stray dog have become the best of friends, staying side by side day after day, through both sickness and health.

Halis Arslan, a traffic cop who has served at the same intersection in the Black Sea city of Sinop for over a dozen years, met Köpük (Foam) over a year ago while on duty.