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ATHEX: Bourse closes yet again at highest in nine years

A rollercoaster session at Athinon Avenue on Thursday saw constant shifts from black to red and back, before the benchmark of the market heeded the course of mid-caps to close with gains for yet another day, despite the decline of the banks index. That means the main index has registered yet another nine-year high, with turnover remaining at a particularly satisfactory level.

ATHEX: Bourse takes a further step higher

The upward trajectory of the Greek stock market continued for another day on Wednesday, with the increased turnover being the main feature of this fresh session of growth that led the benchmark to yet another nine-year high. The 2% advance of the banks index leaves no doubt about the day's protagonist, with Alpha leading the way up thanks to its favorable corporate results.

ATHEX: Industrial sector leads stocks lower

Traders reverted to profit-taking at the Greek bourse on Thursday, following morning gains, with refineries and industrial companies being at the focus of sellers this time instead of banks, whose index has been in decline all week. Most of the losses were recorded in the closing auctions, with the benchmark ending the session at the day's low.

ATHEX: Traders at local bourse reap profits

The main index at the Greek bourse slid back below the 1,200-point level it had captured this week, as on Wednesday it gave up some of the ground earned during Monday's huge rise. 

Banks were at the center of the market's profit-taking, though many mid-caps resisted the pressure and their index fared better than the rest of the market, losing only 0.66%.

ATHEX: Bourse ends week before polls higher

The Greek stock market ended the last week before the general election with gains, which made it the third consecutive week of growth for the benchmark at Athinon Avenue. The market appears calm ahead of the polls, in contrast with what is happening on the other side of the Aegean, while turnover in Athens increased on Friday thanks to maturing of the month's derivatives.