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ATHEX: Bourse slide contained at auctions

Thursday's bourse session at Athinon Avenue proved to be the second in a row with losses for most stocks, although in the closing auctions the main index contained its decline and the banks index actually swung into gains. Turnover dropped to the lowest level in almost two weeks, but Friday's session is expected to make up for it.

ATHEX: Fourth week of growth in a row

The Greek stock market has completed the first half of April without a single southbound session for its main index, as on Thursday, this week's last trading day, it posted further gains that sufficed to take it above the 1,100-point mark. A 10-session rising streak has not been seen since the summer of 2021.

ATHEX: Stock index advances to 40-day high

The Greek stock market made it nine sessions of price growth in a row on Wednesday as most stocks registered moderate gains, although the main index again failed to surpass the psychologically significant 1,100-point milestone. It still climbed to a 40-day high and enjoyed the longest sequence of rising sessions in over 20 months.

ATHEX: No fasting for buyers at ATHEX

Athinon Avenue returned to action on Tuesday after a four-day recess and rewarded those anticipating its reopening with a wholesome session of growth that boosted the benchmark by over 1.7% and pushed daily turnover above 100 million euros. However, the main index once again proved not ready to clear the 1,100-point bar.