Bucharest: More than 10,000 Ukrainians are in Romania, Thousands Travel to Bulgaria and Hungary

A total of 10,624 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania through the 6 border crossings.

This was announced by Romanian Interior Minister Lucian Bode. He specified that 3600 of them have passed through the country on the way to Bulgaria and Hungary. Of the current 7,000 or so Ukrainians, only 11 have sought asylum in the country, Bode said.

30 Years Since the Serbian Massacre in Vukovar

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Croatian city of Vukovar into the hands of the former Yugoslav army. The city was captured after a three-month siege and virtually destroyed to the ground by round-the-clock bombing. The first war crimes in Europe after the end of the Second World War were committed here.

US President Donald Trump Will no Longer Hold COVID-19 Related Press Conferences

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will no longer hold COVID-19 related press conferences. He wrote this on Twitter last night after sparking controversy around the world with the statement that COVID-19 should be treated with disinfectants.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Arrives on an Official Visit to the Republic of Macedonia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrives on an official visit to the Republic of Macedonia, the government's press service in Skopje said.

Stoltenberg will stay two days in the Macedonian capital - today and tomorrow. During his visit he will have meetings with the heads of our western neighbor, ministers, and with the leaders of some political parties.

BGNES News Agency Temporarily Suspends Work After Heavy Road Accident

The Bulgarian news agency BGNES has temporarily suspended its work on Tuesday after journalists of the media were involved in a heavy road accident.

Four men were heavily injured in a head-on collision between two cars on the main road between Sofia and Varna near the town of Lovech.