Bulgaria Braces for 8% Spike in Natural Gas Costs Next Month

During an open meeting, Ivan Ivanov, the chairman of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation, revealed that the price of natural gas is set to increase by slightly over 8% in June. This announcement comes after the regulator discussed the proposal put forth by "Bulgargaz" on May 16.

Bulgargaz Pursues Legal Action Against Gazprom Over Gas Supply Cuts

During a briefing at the Ministry of Energy, it was revealed that Bulgargaz intends to pursue legal action against Gazprom Export, seeking damages amounting to BGN 400 million. This decision stems from the termination of gas supplies to Bulgaria by the Russian company in 2022.

Bulgargaz Forecasts 5-6% Dip in Natural Gas Prices for May

Bulgargaz, the leading public gas supplier in Bulgaria, anticipates a notable decrease in the price of natural gas for the upcoming month of May. According to Lyudmila Vitanova, head of the company's pricing department, the expected reduction could range between 5 to 6% compared to the current rate, currently set at BGN 58.84 per MWh (excluding access, transmission, excise, and VAT).

Bulgargaz Anticipates Liquefied Gas Deliveries via Alexandroupolis Terminal In May

In a bid to enhance its energy security and diversify its gas supply sources, Bulgargaz is gearing up for the first deliveries of liquefied gas through the Alexandroupolis terminal, set to commence in May. The company's recent price application to the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) sheds light on its strategic maneuvers and forecasts for the upcoming months.

Bulgargaz Loses 27% Market Share Due to Contract with 'Botas

Bulgaria's state-owned energy company, "Bulgargaz," has suffered a significant setback, losing 27% of its market share as a result of a contract with the Turkish company "Botas." The contract, negotiated by the caretaker government, has raised concerns about its financial implications and the utilization of resources.

Bulgargaz Proposes 18% Reduction in Natural Gas Prices

"Bulgargaz" suggests an 18% decrease in natural gas prices starting next month, potentially lowering costs for consumers to around BGN 58 per megawatt hour.

The proposal was made during a public discussion with the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation, with the final decision expected on March 1.

February Brings a Drop in Bulgarian Natural Gas Prices

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) has approved a substantial 8.4% reduction in the price of natural gas for February, setting it at BGN 71.08 per megawatt-hour (MWh). This significant drop from January's approved price of BGN 77.60 MWh is poised to bring tangible benefits to Bulgarian consumers.

Anticipated 6% Drop: Bulgargaz Forecasts Significant Price Decrease for Natural Gas in February

Bulgargaz, the national gas company, projects a notable reduction in natural gas prices by nearly 6% for February. The company has submitted an application to the Bulgarian energy regulator outlining the expected change in pricing.

Bulgaria Takes Aim at Unfair Gas Agreement with Turkey, Urges Renegotiation for Better Terms

In a bold move, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov of Bulgaria has revealed the country's intention to renegotiate the terms of a 13-year gas agreement with Turkey's Botas. Denkov expressed concerns over the unfavorable conditions of the current deal, emphasizing its asymmetry and the substantial financial burden it places on Bulgaria.