Bulgarian National Bank

Here is what will be Depicted on the Bulgarian Euro Coins

"The Governing Council of the Bulgarian National Bank has united around the idea of reproducing the design of the current exchange coins, which will ensure continuity in the monetary signs used and will facilitate the recognition of the new currency by Bulgarian citizens, namely: the Madara Rider - on the small coins; St. John of Rila - on the 1 euro coin; and Paisius of Hilendar - on the 2

A Plan for the Euro in Bulgaria: For a Month Payment in both Currencies, but the Change will be in Euros

By the end of the year, commercial banks will be technically ready to accept the euro, according to, Dimitar Radev, Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). He said this during his hearing by the parliamentary committee on European Union issues.

Bulgaria: Tensions between GERB and WCC-DB

"Nobody doubts that there will be no rotation, right?" This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borissov on the sidelines of parliament regarding the disagreements with the WCC-DB. According to him, they are doing everything "which is on the record" - changing personnel in ministries, agencies, regulators and "appointing their own people everywhere".

Bulgarian National Bank: The Technical Work on the Adoption of the Euro Continues

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has no formal basis and has not suspended the technical work on the adoption of the euro. It is being carried out on schedule and within the bank's budget for 2023, the press center of the Bulgarian National Bank said regarding political comments that the process of joining the Eurozone should be stopped.