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Caretaker Financial Minister: Big Cash Kept by Companies May Generate Corruption

The huge cash stocks of companies are likely to fuel corruption in the country. This was commented to the Bulgarian National Radio by the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev.

According to him, preliminary information indicates that there are such large cash stocks.

Bulgaria’s Caretaker Interior Minister Backs Opposition’s Eavesdropping Claims

Caretaker Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov. Source: President.bg

In an interview on Friday morning, he added that caretaker Prime Minister Stephan Yanev has also been tracked by the security agencies over the same period. Rashkov, a lawyer, warned that he believed evidence about the wiretapping is being destroyed. 

Over Third of Rose Plantations in Bulgaria Could Remain Unharvested

At least 40% of the rose fields in our country this year may remain unharvested.

If this happens, already in the autumn some of the traditional growers of oil-bearing roses will destroy their plantations.

This was predicted by representative of the Association of Rose Producers on the Bulgarian National Radio. The reasons are low purchasing prices and lack of markets.

Bulgaria: Only 14 Percent of Restaurants Agree to Work Using Just Outdoor Spaces

Only 14 percent of dining facilities' owners agree to work with their outdoor seating capacity alone.

Some of them, though, accept such an option, but if compensations are paid for the business during the period of restrictions under the working capital support program.

Increase in Bank Charges in Bulgaria

Bank charges in Bulgaria have increased significantly in the past 12 months. Using money in cash in a bank branch, or drawing cash from ATMs is most expensive, warned business consultant Stefan Hristov. If people want to save costs, they should switch over to cashless payments, said Stefan Hristov in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. 

Bulgaria: Three Possible Election Results According to the Turnout

There are three possible election results depending on the turnout in election day according to Alpha Research Agency.

The most likely scenario at the moment is after the upcoming elections on April 4 to have a fragmented parliament with 5 to 7 parties. This was announced to the Bulgarian National Radio by the sociologist Boryana Dimitrova from the Alpha Research Agency.

Bulgarian Scientist: Vaccine Does not Automatically Return the Previous Way of Life

Just because we already have vaccines doesn't automatically mean we can go back to our previous way of life. We still don't know how long the effect of the vaccine will last. We need more time to find answers to these questions, and we must not put health at risk. This was stated to the Bulgarian National Radio by Prof.