Bulgarian National Radio

The Two Maritime Airports of Varna and Burgas Are Expecting Fewer Travelers This Year

The two maritime airports of Varna and Burgas are expected to meet 5 million passengers this year. 2 million at Varna Airport and 3 million at Burgas Airport. This was stated in an interview with Horizont Program of the Bulgarian National Radio Ulrich Heppe - CEO of Fraport Bulgaria, which is the concessioner of both airports.

Svetoslav Kostov Is the New Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio

The Electronic Media Council (CEM) elected Svetoslav Kostov as Director General of the Bulgarian National Radio. This happened at the first vote in the media regulator.

Svetoslav Kostov received 3 votes and Mitko Dimitrov - 2.

Betina Joteva, Rosita Elenova and Sofia Vladimirova voted for Kostov.

Only 40% of Bulgarians Consider Vaccines as Safe

Public distrust of vaccines means that the world is taking a step backwards in the fight against lethal but preventable diseases, said experts quoted by the BBC and the Bulgarian National Radio.

The largest global survey of attitudes to immunisation indicates that confidence in the vaccines is low in some regions.

70 Cases of Lyme Disease and 30 of Marsh Fever After Tick Bites

"In case of a tick bite we recommend seeking medical attention, especially when it comes to children or when the tick has entered deep into the human skin. It is important to remove it as quickly as possible. Its entire body must be removed, because any disruption of its integrity poses risks. " This was emphasized to the Bulgarian National Radio by Dr.

CEM: Two Candidates for Director - General of the BNR Are with Incomplete Documents

Two of the candidates for director - general of the Bulgarian National Radio are with  incomplete documents, said the member of the Electronic Media Council Betina Joteva, who is chairman of the technical committee for checking the availability and regularity of the candidates' documents.

GERB Wins the European Parliament Election, 5 Parties Pass the Barrier

GERB wins the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria.

According to the Gallup International  at 19:00, the ruling party receives 30.5% of the vote. The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is in second place with 25.4 and the third place is the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 12.8.