Bulgarian National Television

The Bulgarian National Television Attracted only 1% of TV Advertising in 2017

BNT programs attracted only 1 per cent of TV advertising in 2017, according to data from the media agency. According to the survey, the total volume of television advertising in Bulgaria last year was 691 million euros. In fact, the amount is certainly significantly lower, as the measurement does not take account of concessions, barters and other agreements that televisions conclude.

Sofia Municipal Council Adopted Measures to Tackle Air Pollution

Sofia municipal council on 25th of January adopted measures to tackle air pollution.

This happened amid forecasts for air pollution in Sofia for 25th and 26th of January. The highest levels of air pollution were reported in "Hippodruma" and "Pavlovo" residential areas. Therefore, the municipality urged drivers not to use their own cars, but to use the public transport.

Bulgarian Film was Selected for "Berlinale" for the First Time in 29 Years

The film "Aga" by director Milko Lazarov was selected in the main program of the 68th edition of the "Berlinale" cinema festival.

Aga is co-produced with the Bulgarian National Television and is the first Bulgarian film in the main official program of the Berlin Film Festival since 29 years after the film Ivan and Alexandra directed by Ivan Nichev.

New Influenza Virus was Detected in Bulgaria

A new influenza virus was detected in Bulgaria. Yesterday, the National Reference Laboratory at the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases has demonstrated in four samples from the Sliven region a new strain of group B virus - "Victoria". Of the 300 samples tested, there were 100 positive results, indicating an epidemic spread.

Mariya Gabriel: The Bulgarian Presidency will Conduct the Cyber Security Talks

During the European Presidency, Bulgaria will have a crucial role to play in the subject of the Audiovisual Services Directive for the Protection of Minors and will lead to scrutiny on cybersecurity. This is what Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, the initiator for introducing Europe's supercomputers, commented in the TV show "The Day Begins" on BNT.

Sofia Tidies up for the EU Presidency

Cleaning the streets in the centre of Sofia takes place as part of the preparation for the welcoming the delegates for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The opening ceremony for the Presidency will be held on 11th of January.

The cleaning aims to reduce the fine dust particles in the air.

Mud and sand were cleaned away from curbs in central Sofia.

Traffic Police in Sofia Will No Longer Register Polluting Cars

Traffic Police in Sofia will no longer register cars that pollute the air. Within a month, inspections will be launched in the streets of Sofia to check for excessive amounts of harmful emissions. Environment Minister Neno Dimov pledged to get funding so that the measures could be applied across the country.