Defence Ministry

Opposition collects 28,000 signatures in support of army investment referendum

Ljubljana – The opposition Left and Social democrats (SD) filed more than 28,000 signatures to the National Assembly in support of a referendum on EUR 780 million in additional defence spending planned for 2021-2026, which is more than enough to start a referendum procedure. Now they will seek to collect 40,000 verified signatures to call a referendum.

Serbian Club Parks Tank Outside Stadium, Sparking Controversy

Controversy erupted after a decommissioned T-55 tank was installed near the north stand of Red Star Belgrade's football stadium on Monday, with critics in Croatia accusing the club of celebrating Serbian "aggression" during the wars that broke out as Yugoslavia collapsed in the 1990s.

Union Mocks Call to Display Serbian President's Portrait

Serbia's Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin, has encountered opposition after he said that displaying President Aleksandar Vucic's portrait in ministry and army's offices would be a mark of respect for the country's "supreme commander".

Novica Antic, from the Army Union, has advised the minister to try to improve the position of soldiers instead.

Romania Plans to Bolster Army After Budget Hike

Romania's Defence Ministry presented its 2016 activity report under intense scrutiny concerning how it intends to spend its new increased budget.

Defence Minister Daniel Les said Romania's armes forces remained in urgent need of new equipment due to under-funding over several years.

In 2016, Romania bought its first F-16 Fighting Falcon jets, he noted.

Serbian defence minister visits Iraq

BAGHDAD - Serbian Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic conferred with Chairman of Iraqi Parliament's Committee on Security and Defense Hakim Al-Zamili concerning security challenges within his working visit to Iraq on Tuesday, and they agreed that terrorism and religious extremism constitute the greatest threats in this context.

INTERVIEW Hellenic National Defence General Staff Chief: Defence budget places us in a 4-NATO states' club

Greece is "very preoccupied" with the NATO flank in Eastern and South Europe, General Mikhail Kostarakos, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff's (HNDGS) Chief said in an interview with AGERPRES.