OMT is not the imminent solution for Italy

"You…. start your term with … a system in need of reassurance that Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) are ready to be used, if need be." This is what we said in July 2019 when we wrote the memo to the incoming ECB president.* What we did not know back then is just how quickly she would have to contemplate the need.

Editorial: Slingshot in lieu of a bazooka

The global economy is already sailing in the uncharted waters of the asymmetrical threat of the coronavirus.

In the last systemic threat, in 2012, then ECB chief Mario Draghi famously said that "whatever it takes" would be done.

That assurance alone was sufficient to quell the fears of investors and raised the bar for the handling of analogous future crises.

Bloomberg sees low bond yields, other indicators as signs of Greek recovery

Straight on the heels of a Greek 10-year bond issue with a record low one percent yield (compared to 45 percent one decade ago), Bloomberg is singing the praises of the prospects of the Greek economy and government and touts the once unthinkable possibility of Greek bonds returning to investment grade (even though they are still at the junk level).

The Euro Area with a Sharp Decline in Inflation and the Lowest Unemployment Rate Since 2008

Unemployment has been the lowest since 2008, writes NOVA news.
Inflation in the eurozone dropped sharply to 1.2% in May, according to data released by AFP. Analysts surveyed by the Factset data company predicted a modest fall in inflation to 1.4%, down from 1.7% in April.