ATHEX: Banks lead bourse index to losses

Stocks slid somewhat at the Greek bourse on Thursday, one day before the end of the trading year, with the benchmark closing near the day's low, which points to the appetite for some more profit-taking on Friday. The session started with gains over the first hour before sellers took the upper hand, leading the majority of stocks into the red.

ATHEX: Stocks head south at slow pace

The first day of the last week before Christmas started at the Greek stock market with a mixed session, that saw the benchmark and the majority of stocks post losses while mid-caps and banks eased the pressure on the main index. Turnover reverted to the typical level of this month, with traders mostly focusing on profit-taking.

ATHEX: Benchmark gains on a quiet day

Traders at the Greek stock market stayed on the same path of caution they have been on throughout December to date, with reduced action at Athinon Avenue and a mixed picture for stock prices on Monday. 

However, despite a drop in the blue-chip and banks indexes, the benchmark managed to end up in the black for the day, albeit marginally.

ATHEX: Minor gains for bourse’s main index

The Helleniq Energy placement dominated proceedings at the Greek stock market on Friday, accounting for over two thirds of the day's trading. However, the small rise of the main index did not suffice to avert a weekly drop, with banks continuing their decline (with five sessions of losses in the last six) following their previous rally.

ATHEX: Bourse posts 6.88% leap in November

November proved to be a very profitable month for the Greek stock market, and not only for bank stocks, whose index soared 12.44%, but also for the benchmark, which has grabbed 6.88% from October 31. The month ended with a high-trade day due to index rebalancing and gains for most stocks, which took the main index to a new 12-week high on Thursday.

ATHEX: New 12-week high for the benchmark

The decline of the stock of National Bank of Greece did not suffice to prevent the benchmark from climbing to a new 12-week high on Monday. The daily turnover reverted to high levels at the start of the week that might bring Greece once again to climbing the steps to investment grade as Fitch Ratings will issue its verdict on Friday.