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Dendias: Turkey used migrants for political purposes

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Friday said Turkey had used migrants' desperation for political purposes, while calling for a continuation of NATO's migrant mission in the Aegean.
"Turkey was obviously exposed to international public opinion," Dendias told state broadcaster ERT over the recent migrant standoff along the Evros border.

Greece to use state TV to teach school children

Following the closure of all educational institutions earlier this month as part of a broader drive to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Education Ministry is planning to offer educational television programs for primary school children via state broadcaster ERT and something similar for older pupils to supplement online classes. 

At least 129 detained in large police sweep after shooting in downtown Athens

At least 129 people had been detained in downtown Athens by Friday afternoon as part of an ongoing police operation to find the culprits behind a shooting that left one dead and one injured in what authorities believe is a turf war between competing criminal gangs.

Hollywood star to run as torchbearer in Sparta for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Scottish actor Gerard Butler will be in Sparta on March 14 to run as a torchbearer for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, a local mayor said Thursday.

Speaking to state-run broadcaster ERT, Petros Doukas said the actor will also be in the city in June to attend the celebrations for the 2,500 years of the Battle of Thermopylae.