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Britain following case of Greek soldiers detained in Turkey, ambassador says

The British government is keeping a close eye on developments regarding the issue of the two Greek soldiers detained in a maximum security prison in Edirne after trespassing into Turkish territory during a border patrol in early March, UK Ambassador to Greece Kate Smith has said.

Turkish authorities have yet to announce a trial date and the officers have not been formally charged.

Intoxicated Turk arrested after crossing Greek border illegally

A Turkish national, who appeared to be intoxicated, crossed illegally into Greece at the northeastern border near Kastanies in Evros early on Tuesday morning, state broadcaster ERT reported.

According to the report, Turkish soldiers tried to stop him when they saw him approaching the border and fired shots in the air, but failed to curb his progress.

Minister: Metro barriers to be activated by end-February

The barriers that work with the recently launched electronic transport tickets will be activated at all metro stations in Athens by the end of February, Greece's Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis has said.

So far barriers are operating at only six out of 60 metro stations across the capital, in what authorities say is an extended pilot stage.

Nimetz sees 'positive momentum' in bid to resolve name dispute

In an interview with state broadcaster ERT, the United Nations special mediator in the name dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Matthew Nimetz, stressed the need for negotiations aimed at resolving the disagreement to be completed and citizens to focus on a resolution.

Multi-bill with prior actions heading to Parliament

A multi-bill with the prior actions Greece must enact as part of its third international bailout is to be submitted in Parliament this week as the government seeks to tie up loose ends ahead of a summit of eurozone finance ministers on January 22.

Although there is opposition within leftist SYRIZA to some provisions of the legislation, it is not expected to derail the vote.

Sound of toilette flush live on Greek TV during marathon coverage! (hilarious video)

YouTube is full of priceless moments of TV reporters failing live on air. Well, you can add another gem to that large “treasure haul”. Greek state broadcaster ERT was covering last Sunday’s Authentic Marathon from the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens live, when a reporter can be clearly heard asking where the toilette was (at 0.7-0.15 seconds). But it gets even better.

Floods Caused by Heavy Rain in Greece Have Killed at Least 10

Floods caused by heavy rain have killed at least 10 people and caused destruction in three towns near the Greek capital, Athens, officials say, quoted by BBC. 

The industrial towns of Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara, 27km (17 miles) west of Athens, were the most affected.

Many of the dead were elderly people whose bodies were found inside their homes, reports say.