European Central Bank

Gov't plays down bond profit payment delays

Alternate Finance Minister Giorgos Houliarakis on Tuesday played down a report saying that Greece risks missing a first tranche of European Central Bank profit returns on Greek bond holdings due to delays in reforms, noting that those delays have already been brought to the authorities' attention and are to be made public in a European Commission report on Wednesday.

INTERVIEW/Klaus-Heiner Lehne (ECA): One of EU funds use problems is complexity; they should be better targeted

Complexity and parallel planning are some of the problems encountered in using European funds, which should be better targeted, European Court of Auditors (ECA) President Klaus-Heiner Lehne told AGERPRES in an interview.

Emergency central bank funding to Greek banks unchanged in October

Emergency central bank funding to Greek banks remained unchanged in October compared to the previous month, Bank of Greece data showed on Monday.

Emergency funding, which is more costly than borrowing from the European Central Bank, remained unchanged to 3.57 billion euros from 3.58 in the end of September, the data showed.