European Central Bank

DBRS: If waiver goes, banks might resort to ELA again

Three days after upgrading Greece's sovereign credit rating from 'B' to 'B (high)' with a Positive outlook, Canada-based ratings agency DBRS stated on Monday that there is a possibility that the European Central Bank's waiver to the rule for not accepting junk-rated bonds as collateral might be prolonged for Greece after the end of its bailout program thanks to the increased monitoring planned.

ECB's Coeure: Greece will now be dependent on the markets, which will not be easier or more pleasant

Last Thursday's Eurogroup agreement to help Greece manage its huge debt pile as it exits the bailout program is a "turning point," European Central Bank board member Benoit Coeure told France's Le Figaro on Monday.

"Greece can now free itself from European stewardship. The sacrifices made by Greek society, supported by European solidarity, have paid off," he said.

Germany Pockets EUR 2.9 Billion from Greece Bailouts

Yahoo News - Germany has earned some 2.9 billion euros ($3.5 billion) since 2010 on Greek debt bought to help the struggling country, a government report seen by AFP showed Thursday.

"Contrary to all the rightwing myths, Germany profited massively from the crisis in Greece," said Sven-Christian Kindler, a Greens party MP whose question to the finance ministry uncovered the figure.