Eurostat: Bulgaria Has Lowest Home Office Rates in EU

Bulgaria had the lowest percentage in the European Union of people working from home in 2020, at 1.2 per cent compared with an EU average of 12.3 per cent in the 15-64 age group, the bloc's statistics agency Eurostat said on May 17.

The social distancing measures that were introduced as a response to the Covd-19 pandemic forced many people to work from home, Eurostat said.

Almost 37% of the Bulgarians are Unable to Face Unexpected Financial Expenses

In the European Union (EU), almost one in three people were unable to face unexpected financial expenses (32%) in 2019. These people were not able to face unexpected financial expenses such as costs for surgery, a funeral, a replacement of washing machine or a car in 2019, Eurostat data showed.

Prices drop in April

Inflation turned negative in Greece in April, largely because of the collapsing oil prices, the EU statistics agency Eurostat announced Thursday.

The consumer price index dropped 0.9 percent in April, compared to April 2019; in March, inflation was 0.2% and last April, 1.1%.