Postponing new income increases, waiving new tax cuts, recommendations of Fiscal Council president

The President of the Fiscal Council, Daniel Daianu, recommends postponing new increases of incomes / salaries, stopping the promises that generate unrealistic expectations in citizens and restructuring the state apparatus given that, according to him, the acute deficit of fiscal area is increasingly dangerous.

New Polish Migration Policy Seen Enshrining Xenophobia

A leaked copy of the draft policy was published in full (in Polish) in June by the Association for Legal Intervention rights group.

The Polish Helsinki Foundation, a human rights non-governmental organisation, said in a statement that the "conditions related to worldview and religion are a gross violation of fundamental freedoms and human rights".

Women in Bulgaria Live on Average 7 Years Longer than Men

The difference between the average life expectancy of women and men in Bulgaria is exactly 7 years in favor of the female, with the ladies in our country registering an average age of survival of 78.4 years, while for the men the statistics report 71.4 years. This is shown by data from an analysis of Eurostat on average life expectancy in the EU for the period 2017-2018.

Bulgaria is the Fourth in Europe in Respect to Price Growth

Inflation in Bulgaria is again gaining momentum in March, and our country ranks fourth in the European Union to raise prices, according to data from the European Statistical Office.

In the third month of the year, prices rose by 2.8 percent over the same period last year. As of February 2019, the consumer basket is 0.2 percent more expensive.

Eurostat: 7 out of 10 Bulgarians Say they are in Good Health

About 72 percent or 7 out of 10 Bulgarians over the age of 16 define their health status as good or very good. This shows data from a Eurostat analysis of the health status of Europeans in 2017 on the upcoming World Health Day, April 7, with the EU average of 70 percent, that is, we are almost approaching our health self-assessment to an average European level.