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Oil majors face backlash as era of big profits returns

British oil giants Shell and BP, U.S, firm ExxonMobil and France's TotalEnergies announced last week 2021 profits totalling a whopping $66.7 billion.

It marked a huge turnaround from 2020, when they posted losses as the pandemic emerged, prompting lockdowns that brought the world economy to a grinding halt and caused crude prices to collapse.

ExxonMobil – Drilling in the Cypriot EEZ resumes at the end of November – What’s going on with ENI

The ExxonMobil - Qatar Petroloeum joint venture is expected to resume drilling in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus (EEZ) at the end of November and the beginning of December, said the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry of the Republic of Cyprus Natasa Pileidou.

The final date

WEC's Iancu: Romgaz can support Black Sea offshore drilling investment, should be operator

Romanian gas producer Romgaz has the capacity to support investment in the Neptun Deep deep-water offshore gas field development project in the Black Sea and should be the operator of this project, Chairman of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council Iulian Iancu told a news briefing on Tuesday.

Energy minister discusses with ExxonMobil officials on collaboration with Romgaz in carbon storage area

Energy Minister Virgil Popescu met on Wednesday with the representatives of the US company ExxonMobil, and one of the topics of discussion was the collaboration with Romgaz in the field of carbon storage, according to a post on the minister's Facebook page.