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New Facebook Rules: Highly Manipulated or the So-Called Deepfakes Videos to be Banned

The social network Facebook announced that it is banning the so-called. "Deepfake", the BTA quoted the Associated Press reported. Deepfake is an AI-based technology used to produce or alter video content so that it presents something that didn't, in fact, occur. This is a step in the fight against Internet fraud, the agency notes.

The UK Will Control Google and Facebook

The UK government will set up a technology regulator next year to control companies like Facebook and Google after leaving the EU, BTA reported.

The regulatory body will have the power to introduce a number of new rules, including a mandatory code of conduct for the largest companies in the sector and broader access to users for data.

Facebook Bug Secretly Begins to Use Your Phone's Camera as You Scroll through Your Feed (VIDEO)

Users have discovered an unusual glitch in the Facebook app for iPhones. It turns out that when using the social network, there are situations in which the application begins to use the camera of the phone without the user's knowledge, The Verge reported.

Videos showing how this glitch works have been released to social networks, bTV reports.

A Dutch Court Has Ordered Facebook to Delete Misleading Ads or Be Fined $ 1.2 Million

The social network Facebook should remove misleading ads that caused scandal in the Netherlands, BGNES writes.

Ads that take advantage of the resemblance of ordinary people to some of the most popular people in the Netherlands are advertising fraudulent schemes for Bitcoin cryptocurrency investments.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Servicemen of 'Black Eagles' Battalion vote in Kandahar

The servicemen of the 'Black Eagles' Battalion have voted in Kandahar - Afghanistan, the Ministry of National Defense announced in a Facebook post. "They are the best ambassadors of Romania abroad. They are doing their duty far away from the country at the Kandahar Air Base.