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Facebook-Partnered Croatian Fact-Checkers Face “Huge Amount of Hatred”

"More or less, it is going well, but the problem is that there is that certain number of people you will never reach because they are simply grounded in their own beliefs for a long time, they reject argumented dialogue," Vidov told BIRN in an interview.

So-called 'anti-vaxxers' perceive the debunking of fake news "as a threat to their agenda," he said.

ICR head on efforts to promote Romanian values online, optimistic about return to live events in fall

Acting president of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Mirel Talos is optimistic that the events scheduled for this fall will be organised live, remarking the Institute's capacity to adapt during the pandemic and diversify the online promotion of Romanian intellectual values.

Indian Students Lured to Moldova by Cheap Studies, Stranded by COVID-19

"We are trying all ways to go back to India, but there is no positive reply," said a second-year student who gave his name as Vishnu. "We are not sure about how long we should stay here as our families and friends are worried about us staying here during this crisis."

Moldova Struggles to Secure Church Respect for Coronavirus Restrictions

As of April 14, COVID-19 had killed 36 people in the former Soviet republic.


But not everyone in the church is falling into line. According to Moldovan media reports, and the Moldovan authorities themselves, church services have been held up and down the country.

Moldovan Socialists Accused of Political Pressure on Academia

The contemporary history volumes would cover "the most explosive historical material," said history researcher Anatol Taranu, from the 1918 reunification with Romania to the interwar period, Soviet domination and the war in rebel Transnistria following Moldovan independence in 1991.