Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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Republic of Macedonia

What is a European statesman?

Commentators have recently suggested that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras may achieve a political legacy "unmatched" by any of his recent predecessors, or that he has achieved the status of "statesman," or that, along with Zoran Zaev, his counterpart in North Macedonia, he might be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

FYROM NATO accession protocol approved by Parl't committee

The accession protocol for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to join NATO under the new name North Macedonia was approved by a parliamentary committee on Thursday.

The protocol is to go the House plenary on Friday for debate followed by a vote which is expected to approve it, bringing FYROM one step closer to joining the alliance. 

Moscow: NATO membership may take toll on FYROM foreign policy independence

NATO membership could take a heavy toll on Skopje's foreign policy independence, Moscow warned Thursday, a day after NATO members signed an accord with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) allowing the Balkan country to become the 30th member of the US-led alliance.