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Europe: The Conditions for a Cold Winter with High Gas Prices are Set

Work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was completed in September, but no gas will flow through it in the coming months. Germany stopped the procedure for its certification and as soon as it became known, energy prices increased by 18%. As Le Monde predicts, gas and electricity prices will remain high in the near future.

Government Promises Aid as Moldovans Anxiously Await Higher Gas Bills

Moldova's Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu announced on Wednesday that the government is preparing several mechanisms to compensate people on modest incomes as consumers anxiously await their next gas bills to see how increased prices for gas supplies will affect them.

Πιέζει την ευρωπαϊκή αγορά ενέργειας η Ρωσία - Με το σταγονόμετρο το φυσικό αέριο για τον Νοέμβριο

Η Gazprom προγραμματίζει να στείλει περιορισμένες ποσότητες μέσω της Πολωνίας

“Bulgargaz” Demanded a Shock Increase in Gas Prices by as much as 36%. EWRC approved

"Bulgargaz" asked the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to increase the price of gas for October by a shocking 36.2% compared to the previous month. This is extremely surprising, because the previous request was for a jump of "barely" 16%. The nominal expression of the requested increase means that a megawatt-hour will cost a little over BGN 94.

Side Effects of High Russian Gas Prices and What Gazprom Can Do about It - IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday (21 September) Russia could do more to help alleviate gas supply issues in Europe which have driven prices up to record highs over the past month.

The comments come after a group of European Parliament lawmakers last week asked the European Commission to investigate Gazprom's role in soaring European gas prices.