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New era begins for Türkiye-US trade relations: TAİK head

The trade relations between Türkiye and the United States have entered a new era, says Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ, chairman of the Türkiye-U.S. Business Council (TAİK).

The positive developments in political relations in the past summer and the positive signals given for the period ahead bolstered expectations that the bilateral trade will accelerate, Yalçındağ said.

Goldman Sachs anticipates more takings for Greek banks

Goldman Sachs expects Greek banks to show strong results in the third quarter of the year as well, following the trend of the second quarter, with further strengthening of net interest income, which will be supported by the 50-basis point increase in interest rates, to which it is estimated that the European Central Bank will have progressed in the specific period.

Much ado over Stefanos Kasselakis

The sudden emergence of Stefanos Kasselakis as a contender in SYRIZA's upcoming leadership election has ignited a spectrum of reactions. Some speculate that he has been brought in from the US to infuse SYRIZA with Atlanticism, while others insinuate that he's been groomed by Goldman Sachs to undermine the Left from within.

The Eurozone will be the Fourth Largest Economy in the World in 2075

In 50 years, the Eurozone, measured as a single economy, will be the fourth largest in the world. Germany, individually, will drop from the current fourth place in the world to fifth in 2050 and ninth in 2075. China, the United States and India will be clearly ahead of everyone else.

Erdoğan to meet American CEOs in September

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet with CEOs of some of the largest American companies in September, Türkiye-U.S. Business Council (TAİK) Chair Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ has announced.

Erdoğan will attend the round table meeting with the chief executives of 25 companies on the Fortune 100 list on Sept. 20, Yalçındağ said.