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Is Google Working with a Healthcare Company on a Secret Project to Collect Personal Information from Millions of Americans?

Google, whose parent company is Alphabet, has partnered with a health care company on a secret project to collect the personal health data of millions of Americans from 21 states, Reuters reported, citing a publication in the Wall Street Journal.

New Gender Neutral Emojis Were Included in the Latest iOS Update

Apple has released new gender neutral emoticons - an analogue of most current emoticons. There are punks, clowns and zombies among them. This is part of the company's mobile operating system update, AFP reported. The tech giant has been offering an increasing number of inclusive emoji designs in recent years, presenting them with different skin colours or professions.

Facebook Has Dropped Out of the List of the Top Ten Most Valuable Brands in the World

Facebook has dropped out of the list of the top ten most valuable brands in the world. This is indicated by the ranking of Interbrand. The list is topped by Apple, Google and Amazon, and they have been on these positions with little shifts for years.

'Pythia' helps find missing parts of Ancient Greek inscriptions

Researchers at Oxford University and DeepMind Technologies, a UK-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company owned by Alphabet Inc. - a conglomerate best known as the parent company of Google - have created "Pythia," an ancient text restoration system that outperforms experts in guessing the missing text from partially destroyed Ancient Greek inscriptions.