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Pandemic-Era Online Schooling Exposes Big Balkan Disparities

For often antiquated education systems and frequently IT-shy teachers in the Balkans, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a sharp, sometimes impossible learning curve as schools embark almost overnight on an e-learning experiment that has exposed huge disparities between and within countries, between private and public schools and cities and villages in terms in knowledge and resources.

What are the chances, huh?

I could bring up baksuz now. This old word from the Turkish language translates as jinx or bad luck, but it is much more personal. It's like an Irish leprechaun made of anti-matter, crafted in the collective unconscious of the Balkans as an explanation of the inexplicable or an excuse for bad choices.


Developer of children's healthy lifestyle app Wello selected to join Google's Startups Accelerator

Wello, the AI-based healthcare platform for children and parents, has been selected to join the Google for Startups accelerator as part of the Business Model Mastering programme for companies in the growth phase, a release informs.

Car and pedestrian mobility drops significantly in Turkey

The number of people who drive cars and pedestrians on the streets in Turkey has declined significantly amid the coronavirus pandemic, Apple's new mobility trends reports have shown. 

The data compiled and made publicly available by Apple show the change in volume of people driving, walking or taking public transit in their communities across the globe.

‘Greece from Home’ initiative seen as ‘brilliant’ response to crisis

Bill Gates has hailed recent initiatives developed to adapt to the "new normal" imposed by the coronavirus crisis, such as teleworking and virtual software innovations, with emotional intelligence consultant Justin Bariso arguing that a platform launched by the Greek National Tourism Organization is one such "brilliant" response to the challenges of the crisis indicated by the US tech mogul.

Covid-19 is good for puzzles

One of the big winners of the Greek lockdown has been jigsaw puzzles. Greeks both young and old have sent online sales of this category of table games soaring 1,654 percent month-on-month, according to a survey that tracked the switch of consumers to online purchases because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Latest on the coronavirus: US death toll overtakes Italy's as Midwest braces

The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus eclipsed Italy's for the highest in the world, surpassing 20,000, as Chicago and other cities across the Midwest braced for a potential surge in victims and moved to snuff out smoldering hot spots of contagion before they erupt.