Hellenic Exchanges

HELEX profit down on 2015

Hellenic Exchanges, the operator of the Greek bourse, on Monday announced a nine-month net profit of 1.9 million euros this year against 5.6 million euros last year, and a nine-month turnover of 20.6 million euros versus 23.1 million euros a year ago.


ATHEX: Rise continues on bourse, but at slower pace

The benchmark of the Greek bourse headed north on Monday, having spent the entire session in positive territory, although stocks were split down the middle between winners and losers. Although buyers were in the majority, many investors chose to cash in gains recorded over the three previous sessions after the first hour of trading.

ATHEX: Slide continues for fourth day in succession

Greek stock market investors continued to brace for the worst on Wednesday in the absence of any sign of agreement between Athens and its creditors, with the benchmark chalking up a fourth consecutive day of significant losses. The bourse closed before the European Central Bank convened to discuss whether to extend local banks? emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) cash limit.

US investors worried about a Greek euro exit

International investors appeared particularly reserved during this year?s Greek economy roadshow in New York that concluded on Wednesday. The state of the country?s economy and the seemingly endless negotiations between the government and its creditors did not allow for any new investment programs by enterprises, as what comes first is for the economy to regain its footing.

Hellenic Exchanges says Q1 net profit at 4.1 million euros against 4.8 million in 2014

Listed company Hellenic Exchanges announced that its first-quarter net profit amounted to 4.1 million euros against 4.8 million a year earlier.

Turnover dropped to 10.1 million euros from 10.3 million in 2014, and its net profit per share came to 0.05 euros down from 0.08 euros per share last year. [Reuters]