French President Macron Recommends Varna as a Must-Visit Destination

French President Emmanuel Macron has designated Varna as one of his favored travel destinations, as revealed in his response to a question on Instagram's "Answers of Young People about Europe" column. When prompted with "Which destination do you recommend we visit?", Macron singled out the Bulgarian maritime capital.

Lizzo says 'I quit' after 'lies' told about her

Pop star Lizzo, who built her brand on being a poster girl for self-love but has been hit by employee harassment suits, said she is quitting, tired of being targeted for her looks and character.

It was not immediately clear if the 35-year-old Grammy-winner meant the music industry, social media, or something else.

Meta, Amazon beat expectations with stellar results

Meta and Amazon on Thursday blew through expectations in their latest quarterly results as Big Tech continued to impress Wall Street.

Meta, the tech titan behind Facebook and Instagram, reported a profit of $14 billion in the final three months of last year, beating analyst forecasts as revenue climbed to $40.1 billion in the quarter.