‘Last Bluff’ a ‘stunning chronicle’ of make-or-break 2015 Athens-Brussels talks

The presentation of Eleni Varvitsioti and Viktoria Dendrinou's book "The Last Bluff" (published by Papadopoulos) took place on Monday evening in a packed amphitheater at the Benaki Museum annex on Pireos Street, south of central Athens.

NATO expects members to respect international law, Stoltenberg tells Kathimerini

NATO expects all of its member-states to respect international laws, but it is not within its purview to make legal judgments, the alliance's general-secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, tells Kathimerini, commenting on Turkish activity in Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

UN to respond to Cyprus appeal over Turkey's Varosha plans

The United Nations is expected on Wednesday to issue its response to an appeal by the Republic of Cyprus against Turkish threats to settle Varosha, the fenced off part of Famagusta.
According to Kathimerini's Cyprus edition, the UN Security Council (UNSC) is expected to issue a written statement reiterating resolutions 550 and 789 on Famagusta.

Greek gov't prepares proposals to plug fiscal gap

The government is preparing a convincing package of measures to lead to the reduction of next year's fiscal gap, estimated at 0.5 percent of gross domestic product. As one eurozone official said, Greece will have to complete and forward its draft budget, complete with the bridging of that gap, by October 15.

‘Greece can be major force for Balkan stability,’ says former US ambassador

The United States looks to Greece to "maintain stability" in the Eastern Mediterranean, former American ambassador to Greece Nicholas Burns tells Kathimerini in an interview. He adds that following the Prespes agreement, there are now no more obstacles blocking Greece from expanding its role in Southeastern Europe.

Labor e-card to track working hours of all employees

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis is expected to invite social partners and entities for a dialogue on a new measure concerning the introduction of an electronic card for workers in the next few days.
According to plans, the measure will be implemented after at least two months, at first by major enterprises and then by all corporations in Greece.

AHEPA president spells out support for Greece

In 2021, the annual conference of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), which will be attended by thousands of members, will take place in Athens instead of the United States, as part of its support for the recovery of the Greek economy and the promotion of a positive narrative for the country in the wake of the 10-year crisis.