Kosovo Serbs Block Roads as Border Crossing Tensions Simmer

The Jarinje and Bernjak border crossing points in Serb-dominated northern Kosovo remained blocked on Tuesday morning after local Serbs obstructed the roads with dozens of trucks in protest against changes to border regulations for vehicles with Serbian registration plates, Kosovo media reported.

Kosovo Deploys Police as Serbs Protest in Licence Plate Dispute

The authorities deployed special police units on Monday morning in Serb-majority northern Kosovo after hundreds of Serbs blocked roads near the Jarinje border crossing point and in the municipality of Zubin Potok in protest at the government's decision to make them use Kosovo vehicle licence plates instead of Serbian ones.

West Balkan Leaders Await Merkel’s Farewell Tour

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Serbia and Albania shortly before her long-lasting mandate as head of German's government comes to an end.

The gesture is seen as giving significance to the six Western Balkan countries, although none of them managed to join the EU club during Merkel's term, which began in 2005.