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Kosovo Election Commission Rejects Main Serbian Party Candidates

Scheduled local elections in four northern mainly Serbian districts of Kosovo were thrown into crisis on Wednesday when the Central Election Commission, CEC, failed to certify candidates from the main Serbian party in Kosovo, Srpska Lista.

The candidates did not receive the necessary support from the CEC, meaning their candidacies have been rejected.

Hague Prosecution Calls Kosovo MP for Questioning

Blerim Kuci. Photo: BIRN.

"Today I received the invitation letter and the order to appear before the high prosecutor of the Specialist Prosecutor's Office in The Hague, on March 12, 2019," Kuci wrote in a statement sent to local media on Thursday.

He added that he will "fulfil the obligation and will respond to this order".

KLA Veterans Back Presevo Albanians' Wish to Join Kosovo

The head of the Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans' Organisation, Hysni Gucati, told Kosova Press news agency on Tuesday that former KLA guerrillas agree that the Albanian-majority Presevo Valley area of Serbia should become part of Kosovo, but that they oppose giving any land to Serbia in return.

Opposition Demands Vote to 'Protect Kosovo's Territory'

Kosovo opposition parties have called for an extraordinary parliamentary session on September 4 to put a resolution to a vote which they say will protect the country's territorial integrity amid controversial suggestions of a land swap with Serbia as part of a final deal between Pristina and Belgrade.

Thaci's 'Corrections' Call Raises Spectre of Kosovo's Partition

Kosovo's President, Hashim Thaci, has startled his countrymen and women - and angered some opposition parties - by issuing a series of equivocal and mixed messages on the subject of ethnic partition.

While denying the possibility of ethnic land "swaps" with Serbia, Thaci at the same time has called the inclusion in Kosovo of ethnically Albanian areas of southern Serbia "realizable".

Kosovo PM Criticised For Meeting Northern Powerbroker

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has been criticised for again meeting  a controversial figure and power-broker in the Serb-run northern municipalities, Milan Radoicic.

The head of the Belgrade-backed Kosovo Serb party, Lista Srpska, Goran Rakic and Radoicic - who was recently elected as the deputy head - met Haradinaj at his office on Thursday.