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Google Phone Hit by 'Burn in' Problems

Google's new flagship smartphones have been hit by complaints about the quality of the screen, reported BBC.

Tech reviewers, who have had the device for about two weeks, noticed "burn in" on the display, while others noted "muddy" discolouration on the screen.

Google said it was investigating the issue, which it took "very seriously".

Electronic public transport tickets are on the way for Greek passengers

The board of the Athens’ Public Transport Organization (OASA) approved the completion of the first phase of a plan to replace or paper public transportation tickets and cards with an electronic ticket in Athen’s transportation system. The new system will be ready for implementation in 2016.

Apple's next big thing aims for wrists

Apple aims to have its smart watch on wrists in China, the US and beyond in April, and ignite its first new gadget category since the debut of the iPad.
The Apple Watch will be available in nine countries from April 24, at a starting price of $349. A limited edition gold Apple Watch will be available with a price topping $10,000.

Bulgaria's Max to Offer New High Definition Voice Services

Bulgarian telecommunications opeartor Max has successfully demonstrated high definition voice and video services over its commercially available 4G LTE network, the first of its kind in Bulgaria.

Max announced Monday that it would extend its product range to include high quality voice products.