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Albania MPs Elect Speaker Meta as President

Ilir Meta, leader of Albania's junior ruling party, the Socialist Movement for Integration, LSI, was voted in as President of Albania on Friday amid an opposition boycott.

Meta received 87 votes in favour and two against in the 140-seat assembly, becoming the seventh President of Albania since the Stalinist Communist regime collapsed in 1990.

Albania Faces Election Without Opposition Parties

Albania's Central Election Commission on Thursday refused to postpone a deadline for parties and coalitions to register for upcoming general election in June, leaving the ruling parties heading into the polls alone.

The general elections are therefore set to go ahead without the presence of opposition parties, which refused to register for the vote.

Albania PM Removes Ministers 'To Focus On Election'

Three months ahead of parliamentary elections on June 18, Albania's Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the departure of four ministers, allegedly to focus on the upcoming election campaign.

Rama named the four as Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, Health Minister Ilir Beqaj, Youth and Social Welfare Minister Blendi Klosi and Local Issues Minister Bledi Cuci.

Albania Party Splashes Cash to Get Trump Invite

The Socialist Movement for Integration, LSI, - a partner party in Albania's coalition government - has signed an agreement with McKeon Group, which BIRN has seen, showing that the party will pay the company 15,0oo US dollars per month for six months, specifically to obain invitations for LSI leaders to attend the inauguration of new US President Donald Trump, on January 20, and organize meeting