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Государственное образовательное учреждение высшего профессионального образования Военно-медицинская академия им. С.М. Кирова

8 Samples in Pleven and Gabrovo will be Re-Examined because of Doubtful Results

There are no new cases of coronavirus infected people in Bulgaria so far. However, there are eight samples in Pleven and Gabrovo that will be repeated one more time. This was announced at a regular briefing by the Head of the Military Medical Academy, Major General Prof. Dr.

Mayor: There is no coronavirus infection in Belgrade, no ban on public gatherings

"Experts and response teams of Belgrade's Public Health Emergency Operations Center have convey regular meetings on these issues. The latest information is that we do not have anyone infected with the coronavirus in Belgrade, and therefore, there is no need to ban gatherings in Belgrade," Radojicic said.

Surgeons Removed a 6-Kilogram Tumor from a Man's Thigh

A 6-kilogram tumor from the thigh of a 64-year-old patient has been removed by a team of specialists at the Military Medical Academy, according to the hospital.

The rare and complicated operation, which lasted for 3 hours, was successfully performed thanks to the good work between the specialists in orthopedics, vascular surgery and radiology at the Military Medical Academy.

Several Central Areas in Sofia without Water after an Accident

A broken pipe left part of the neighborhoods of Lagera, Hipodruma, Beli brezi, Kriva reka and Ivan Vazov in Sofia.

There are a number of hospitals in the area - Pirogov, Military Medical Academy, Alexandrovska and others.

The accident occurred in the early hours of May 11 in the area between Geshov Boulevards and Bulgaria.

Sofiyska Voda team is working on the problem.

Almost the Whole of Bulgaria in Grip of Flu Epidemic

Montana district is the latest to declare flu epidemic as of 29th of January. Schools cancelled classes until 4th of February, reports BNT. 

Thus, 24 districts out of 28 in total have declared flu epidemic.

Nearly 1,400 schools in the country have been closed because of the flu.

According to Bulgaria's minister of health the flu season will peak this week.