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ECB can veto bank appointments

By Yiannis Papadoyiannis

The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued a terse warning to Greek banks, and particularly to the government in Athens, via its Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), over plans to overhaul lenders? management. In a letter to Greek banks, the SSM stressed that any changes to their management can be implemented only after receiving the SSM?s approval.

Moody’s downgrades Greek banks’ ratings

Following a recent decision by the ratings firm change Greece’s credit rating to under monitoring regime, Moody’s announced today the credit assessment of the five Greek banks.
More specifically, Piraeus Bank, National Bank and Alpha Bank from Caa1 downgraded to Caa2, while Eurobank and Attica Bank from Caa3 downgraded to Caa2.

Liberal MEP Stolojan on Swiss franc loans: Collective solution needed, unless banks relax terms

Liberal MEP Theodor Stolojan says that the recent speech of Finance Minister Darius Valcov about Romanian holders of Swiss franc loans "was incredibly arrogant" and asserts that the solution to the issue could be individual, if the banks relax the terms for the debtors, or collective - in the opposite situation.


Greek central bank asks ECB to allow emergency bank lending line if needed

By George Georgiopoulos

Greece's central bank has moved to protect its banks from any fallout from the coming general election, asking the European Central Bank to approve a stand-by domestic emergency funding line, a Bank of Greece official said on Saturday.

Stocks slide on revenue shortfall

Revelations about the major shortfall in December state revenues ? with a direct impact on the primary surplus ? and the cacophony of statements from election favorite SYRIZA candidates on the future of relations with the country?s creditors put an end on Wednesday to a series of gains for the Greek benchmark that had stretched to three sessions.