National Reference Laboratory

BFSA Reports Bird Flu in Lovech Area

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) has registered a new outbreak of avian influenza (H5) in a duck farm in the village of Yoglav, Lovech region. The case was confirmed yesterday by the National Reference Laboratory. BFSA has ordered humane killing and disinfection and has set up protection and observation areas around the village.

First Measles Case in Child in Plovdiv Region

The first case of a child infected with measles was registered in the Plovdiv region, Dr. Monika Troyancheva from the Regional Health Inspectorate told Focus Radio. The child, from Parvomay, is under the age for vaccination. On March 2, the diagnosis was confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory. The child is now in good health and has been released from hospital.

Bulgaria Ranked Highest in Europe in Consumption of Mass and Cheap Antibiotics

Bulgaria is ranked highest in Europe in terms of consumption of the most massive groups of antibiotics. Because of their frequent use in hospital and outpatient care, Bulgaria sees the highest resistance to this group of medicines. This means that treatment with some patients is ineffective, reports BNT. 

Samples from 3-km Quarantine Zone Test Negative for African Swine Fever, Says Bulgarian Food Safety Agency

Varna. All samples taken from the pigs in the village of Bozveliysko, Provadia municipality, Varna region, have been tested for African swine fever (ASF) at the National Reference Laboratory and came out negative, said the press office of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA).

New Influenza Virus was Detected in Bulgaria

A new influenza virus was detected in Bulgaria. Yesterday, the National Reference Laboratory at the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases has demonstrated in four samples from the Sliven region a new strain of group B virus - "Victoria". Of the 300 samples tested, there were 100 positive results, indicating an epidemic spread.