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Ενεργειακή κρίση - Προειδοποίηση ΕΕ στη Ρωσία: Θα πάρουμε μέτρα εάν ο Πούτιν δεν σεβαστεί τα συμβόλαια

«Πόλεμος νεύρων» από την Gazprom - Αγωνία για τον Nord Stream

Russia’s Gazprom keeps gas pipeline to Germany switched off

Europe's energy crisis loomed larger on Sept. 2 after Russian energy giant Gazprom said it couldn't resume the supply of natural gas through a major pipeline to Germany for now. The company cited what it said was a need for urgent maintenance work to repair key component- in an announcement made just hours before it had been due to restart deliveries.

Gazprom halts pipeline gas flow in new jitters for Europe

Russian energy giant Gazprom cut off its gas supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for maintenance work on Wednesday, further raising tensions on an already taut electricity market.

Entsog, the operator of the pipeline, announced that gas deliveries had been halted shortly before 0600 GMT.

Are East Mediterranean Gas Resources the Solution to Europe's Energy Crisis?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine more than 6 months ago has caused a dramatic spike in natural gas prices and caused repeated energy shocks in Europe. The EU has accused Moscow of using energy as a weapon, while Russia denies this and blames western sanctions for the drop in exports.

Price of Natural Gas in Europe reached 341 Euros per megawatt hour

The price of natural gas on the Dutch exchange TTF reached 341 euros per megawatt hour yesterday, and electricity supply contracts in Germany and France broke all records. Against this background, the Czech Presidency of the European Union announced that it is preparing an extraordinary meeting of energy ministers.

Ukraine has offered its Gas Pipelines to Europe if Nord Stream 1 is Halted

Ukraine has offered to provide its gas transmission network for the delivery of Russian gas to Europe after Nord Stream 1 has been failing so much lately and constantly having to shut down the gas on it.

"Gazprom" announced that it will stop the gas on this pipeline again for a technical inspection from August 31 to September 2.