Council of Ministers: BGN 20 Million Help Per Month for Working Families with Children in Bulgaria

"We support families with children up to 14 years of age by providing them with the right to monthly targeted assistance during emergencies.

The aid will amount to one minimum wage, "Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during an online meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Bulgarian Parliament Allocates BGN 16 Million to Modernize Classrooms in 160 Schools

A day before the extraordinary session of the parliament with a request for updating the state budget, the cabinet allocated more money for the crisis in the economy. Ministers met online amid ongoing 35-day protests. A decision was made to support Bulgarian pupils, students, young families and working people.

The Good News: A Man from Ruse Makes Wheelchairs for Dogs and Cats

A man from Ruse, Bulgaria, makes wheelchairs for dogs and cats.

Walkers are a donation for sick, old or victims of human cruelty animals. Wheelchairs are donations for sick, old or victims of human cruelty animals.


Roro is 12 years old dog - too old for his breed. The puppy was completely immobilized, and the doctors could no longer find a way out.

9% VAT for Restaurants, Books and Children's goods in Bulgaria

Parliament's Committee on Budget and Finance adopted at second reading the proposal to reduce VAT on restaurants, books and food and diapers for children.

The deputies said "yes" to the fall of the tax from 20 to 9%, Nova TV reports.

The idea of ​​reducing the VAT on low-alcohol beverages - wine and beer - was rejected.

Pirogov Hospital: Patients Without a PCR Test for COVID-19 Are Not Accepted

New, stricter rules have been introduced at Pirogov Hospital because of the coronavirus. Patients without a PCR test for COVID-19 are now not accepted. The goal is to limit the spread of the virus among staff, Nova TV reports. The tightening of the measures came after dozens of medics tested positive for the coronavirus.

Enormous Asteroid to Fly Pass Earth. For Now There is no Danger of a Collision

An enormous asteroid will make a close approach to Earth today. The asteroid, dubbed 52768 (1998 OR2), was identified by NASA as "particularly dangerous". The asteroid is not new to humanity. It was discovered in 1998 and passed the Earth in 2009, but at a distance of about 27 million km, moving at a speed of about 12 km / sec, Nova TV recalls.