The Traditional Munich Security Meeting Continues With the Participation of the Bulgarian PM

The traditional Munich security meeting continues. This year's forum focuses on the self-assertion of the European Union, the transatlantic cooperation and the possible consequences of the new era of competition between the major world powers, reported NOVA TV. 

Political leaders and experts from around the world are discussing arms control and defense co-operation.

NASA Accelerates Its Plans to Land on the Moon

The US space agency plans to stay there, reported NOVA TV. 

NASA is speeding up its plans to return to the Moon, and this time, the US space agency says it will stay there.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, said the agency plans to speed up plans backed by President Donald Trump to return to the Moon using private companies.

The Gas Interconnector with Greece Have Permission to be Build on Greek Territory

The total length of the pipeline is planned to be 182 km, reported NOVA TV. 

The Greek Minister of Environment and Energy Giorgos Stathakis granted the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB Project) Installation Permit on the territory of the Hellenic Republic, ICGB AD (project company) told Trend.

The decision was made on Feb.7, said the company.

Gen. Wesley Clark Discusses with Bulgarian PM the Fight Against Smuggling of Fuels

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and ministers met with former supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, Gen. Wesley Clark, who is in Bulgaria as counselor of a Swiss organization dealing with the fight against illegal trade and the fight against smuggling. This was reported this morning by NOVA TV.

The Gebrev Case Enters Parliament Today

The Service Control Commission will listen to the specialists, NOVA TV reports.

The Gebrev case enters parliament. In a closed session, MPs from the Service Control Commission will hear the heads of the special and prosecution on the case with the poisoning of businessman Emilian Gebrev.

All versions of Gebrev poisoning are working.