Volkswagen Postpones the Decision to Build a Plant in October

"It was decided to proceed to specific negotiations on the planned new multi-brand plants in Europe with the other potential candidates," it is clear from the official press release, quoted by NOVA TV. 

German automotive giant Volkswagen will not soon take a final decision on the location of its new plant in Eastern Europe, for which Bulgaria is also a candidate.

A New Study on the EU's Dual Standard of Food

Alcoholic beverages will be tested for the first time, reported NOVA TV.

The country is launching a new study on the EU's double standard of food.

Alcoholic beverages will be tested for the first time. Probably the main foods to be checked for a double standard will be pasta, dairy products, canned food, olive oil, beer, and wine.

The study will last 18 months.

The Performance of the Participants in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Begins

The official presentation of the Eurovision participants begins, reported NOVA TV. 

The European Song Contest this year is being held in Tel Aviv. Representatives of 41 countries are participating. Bulgaria is not represented. The competition will take place under strengthened security measures.

About 8,000 Israeli police officers will be stationed in Tel Aviv.

Federica Mogherini: The Future of the Balkans in the EU Must be a Priority

Federica Mogherini reminded the European public that support for European integration in the Balkans is enormous, reported NOVA TV. 

Prior to the start of the EU summit in Sibiu, EU foreign policy and security chief Federica Mogherini sent a message to the European public about the importance of integrating the Western Balkans into the Union.

Police Arrested Eight Citizens of Balkan Origin in Connection to IDIL

Four women and four men aged 19 to 58 have been seized, reported NOVA TV. 


German police seized eight people of Balkan origin on suspicion of having secured funding for the terrorist group IDIL. About 150 staff members in the early morning had invaded 7 houses belonging to a large family in Oberhausen.

Four women and four men aged 19 to 58 have been seized.

Disney Announced Plans For Three More Star Wars Movies

Disney Film Company has announced plans for at least three more Star Wars movies, NOVA TV reports.

The first one will be ready in 2022, and the rest will follow in two years. So between the last Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there will be a pause of 3 years before the next one appears.

Disney bought the "Star Wars" rights from George Lucas in 2012 for $ 4 billion.