The First Tests of the Toll System in Bulgaria Began

The state expects to collect over BGN 1 billion  per year, reported NOVA TV. 

The first tests of the future toll system for trucks and buses started. The demonstration will take place at Lesnovo Airport.

Toll charges will take effect from 16 August and will only apply to vehicles weighing over 3 tonnes and a half. Cars will continue to run with electronic vignettes.

Transport, Energy and Digital Connectivity Will be Discussed by 12 European Countries

Rumen Radev, will also take part in the ''Three Seas'' Forum in Slovenia, reported NOVA TV. 

Transport, energy and digital connectivity will be discussed by 12 European countries in Slovenia. The head of the forum "Three seas" will also be the head of state Rumen Radev.

Enthralling Stories by Bulgarian Authors Appeared on the Bus Stops in the Capital

Enthralling stories appeared in the capital and two more cities in the country.

Waiting for a bus citizens will be able to read an interesting story.

For now the stops in Sofia are 6.Some of them are located next to ''Yunak'' Stadium on Shipka Street, "Aviation Square" and "Central Railway Station", Nova TV reported.

Bulgaria as a Tourist Destination For Four Seasons

The International Conference for Sustainable Investment in Tourism in Sunny Beach is opened, reported NOVA TV. 

Bulgaria will participate in joint international initiatives to promote our country as a tourist destination for four seasons. This was said by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova at the resort of Sunny Beach.

Croatia Wants to Replace Its Currency, the Kuna, with Euro

Croatian Finance Minister Zdravko Marić and Central Bank Governor Boris Vujčić urged Croatia to join the European Central Bank's Unified Supervision Mechanism, which is the first step towards joining the eurozone. According to media in Zagreb, the procedure for replacing the Croatian kuna with the euro could happen after five years, Nova TV reported.

Google Maps Shows the Tracking Cameras as Well as Speed Limits

Users from around the world will have access to the service, reported NOVA TV. 

Speed ​​tracking cameras are already available on Google Maps.

Service users have access to the latest version of the application. The company has not yet published an official announcement about countries where the service is active.

Experts: Electricity and Heating Prices Will Continue to Rise

The topic is discussed by the energy expert Vasko Nachev and the chairman of the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum Ivan Hinovski.

Electricity, heating and hot water prices will continue to rise. Such a forecast was made by the energy expert Vasko Nachev and the chairman of the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum Ivan Hinovski, reported NOVA TV.